Our Solutions

Developing People

We’re committed not to just improving skills and knowledge but importantly how these new ideas are transferred to maximise your business performance.

Improving Performance

We focus upon the transference of new skills to really drive business performance which will make a tangible difference within your business.

Embedding Compliance

Helping your business not to simply comply with the relevant regulation, but importantly help embed compliance within your business to help create and exceptional customer experience.

Video & Animation

We use mobile responsive video and animation to deliver content in an engaging way to ensure key messages are delivered in a fun and memorable format.

Learning Paths

All modules are designed to be short and responsive meaning the learner can access the material in a way and at a time that works best for them.


We provide you with a full suite of reporting to assist you. The focus is on the individual to take responsibility for their learning, but we’ll provide all the annual reports you require for reporting purposes.

Driving Change

Each module looks to assess the learners current skill and knowledge before introducing them to new concepts and importantly focuses on scenarios to help the transfer of new skills into the workplace.

Mobile Responsive

Every aspect of every module is designed to be mobile responsive, so learners can access the content on phones, tablets and desktops.


Each module is supported by pre and post module coaching guides to assist your management team in supporting the learner to ensure new skills and adopted and used.

Induction & Development

We can help enable new starters to become a useful, integrated members of the team which can can significantly increase the speed to competency of new employees, meaning they are more productive in a shorter period of time.


We use gamification to reward learners for completing modules and allow each learner to feedback on the content, to ensure the content delivered to your team remains engaging.

Social Learning

We use learner groups to allow learners to interact with each other, meaning questions can be asked to groups by your team to help further embed new skills and knowledge within your business.

Learner Analytics

Advanced learner analytics ensures each member of your team can easily track their progress through the modules assigned to them.

UK Support

If your team require support our UK based support team are on hand to help solve any issues that do arise.


All materials produced are SCORM compliant meaning that content can be used within your own learning management system should you already have one in place.